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Website Re-launch!!

It’s been a little while since we’ve published on Easy Tiger…but never fear, we’ve been busy in the meantime! We’re very proud to announce the exciting re-launch of our blog with a fabulous new website…!!! Please click on this link to be redirected to our fabulous new site.

Rethinking our blog, we’re planning to expand and improve by taking a greater interest in the world of fashion, and how sewing and garment construction is completely and utterly entwined with this world. We seek to ‘unpick’ the world of fashion…so please enjoy some fabulous tips, tricks and inspirations to help you along in your sewing endeavours. We hope you love it as much as we do!!!

Please visit our new site at and leave your thoughts, feedback and comments…we’d love to hear from you!

Best wishes,

Belinda. xxx


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New Pattern Review: The Cocoon Cardigan from Kommatia Patterns

Hello fellow sewists! I’d love to spend a moment telling you about a great new pattern that’s just been released this weekend. The Cocoon Cardigan by Jessica Crevier from Kommatia Patterns, is a simple but incredibly stylish garment for some Spring-time, low-effort glamour! I was lucky enough to test this pattern for Jessica, and I found it a real joy to sew and a great addition to my wardrobe…keep reading to find out more about this fabulous, easy-sew garment, that you’re sure to fall in love with! Continue reading “New Pattern Review: The Cocoon Cardigan from Kommatia Patterns”

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Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Lace…

I love lace! Yes, I’ve said it…I’m not ashamed of it either…I LOVE lace! It’s such a romantic fabric with its ethereal looks and ties to tradition and nostalgia – but at the end of the day, its sheer beauty and design details are also hard to pass over! Even so, it hasn’t always had the best reputation, lace. It’s had its waves of being ‘in’ or ‘out’ of style…but I love that it’s always been present somewhere in the textile world. Whether that be around the peripheries of fashion and home-wares, or smack-bang in the centre of haute couture and modern taste, lace is enduring – and when you delve into it, it goes a lot deeper than your grandmother’s curtains! It’s a fully fascinating fabric!

Anyone who’s ever walked into a fabric store and read the labelling or descriptions of the lovely lacy loot they find, is sure to scratch their head at some point. It can be very confusing to understand it all…so here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about lace! Continue reading “Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Lace…”

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How to Make Sewing with Velvet and Leather Easier…

Some of you may have seen on social media recently that I’ve posted a guest blog for Minerva Crafts. These guys are one of the absolute best and biggest retailers of fabrics and haberdashery in the UK…honestly their range is completely amazing!

I was honoured to write a post for them about my Rigel Bomber Jacket – a fantastic pattern from indie NZ pattern house, Papercut. I created this from two beautiful Minerva Crafts fabrics: a tie-dye effect stretch velvet on the bodice, and an incredibly soft faux leather for the sleeves. Continue reading “How to Make Sewing with Velvet and Leather Easier…”

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Win a Freebie Fabric Bundle!

Those of you who have been following Easy Tiger Atelier will have noticed it growing from strength to strength! Only two months ago I ventured (tentatively!) into the world of blogging – and to mark the whirlwind of fun that’s eventuated since, I’m giving you the chance to win a fantastic ‘Freebie Fabric Bundle’ – and who doesn’t love a freebie!! Keep reading to find out how it can be yours… Continue reading “Win a Freebie Fabric Bundle!”

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These Fabric Designs are Guaranteed to Make You Feel Happy…

We all have days when we feel a little uninspired, grumpy or just plain busy! It can be tricky to pull ourselves out of that ‘zone’ sometimes, but one thing that is always guaranteed to give me a mental and creative lift and make me feel happier is to look at pretty things. It’s a fairly simple remedy in all! 🙂 And some of the prettiest, sure-fire fabric designs that I always find myself coming back to and enjoying are florals. No…they’re not just for nanna’s closet, or for dust-collecting curtains!…they really do have a place and value in modern textile design. There is a floral fabric for every occasion and everyone- men, women and children alike can wear them, and benefit from feeling happy too! Today is National Floral Design Day, so it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at why these designs make us so happy. Keep reading to find out why… Continue reading “These Fabric Designs are Guaranteed to Make You Feel Happy…”

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Diamond Dotz: Discovering the Best New Hand Crafting Craze

Sometimes it’s great to break away from the sewing machine, the crochet hook or the knitting needles and experiment a bit! If you feel like you need a quick, creative fix, but don’t want to invest days, weeks or even months of your time into just a single project, then I’ve discovered the answer for you! Diamond Dotz are the best new hand crafting craze! I discovered these guys at a recent trade exhibition and was stunned and surprised by the ingenuity and beauty of the concept. Interested?? Keep reading… Continue reading “Diamond Dotz: Discovering the Best New Hand Crafting Craze”

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National White Shirt Day

One of the ongoing benefits of being a sewist is that we know the value of a great wardrobe staple – and it doesn’t get much greater, or stapler (??….ok, that doesn’t work!) than a crisp white shirt. Today is ‘National White Shirt Day’, a day to appreciate this fine addition to our wardrobes. Dress it up…dress it down, it’ll get you from A to B every time, guaranteed.

But there’s so many great shirt patterns out there – where do you start??? Well, here are my pick of the best 5 shirts you need in your wardrobe….click on the bold type to follow the link to the patterns. Continue reading “National White Shirt Day”

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Top Lingerie Picks for Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2017 in style and explore these top picks for lingerie sewing. Try your hand at sumptuous fabrics such as charmeuse, satin, silk, lace or even velvet, to add a healthy dose of luxury: you’re sure to feel like the million bucks you are!

Click on the bold type and follow the links to discover more about each of my top picks. Continue reading “Top Lingerie Picks for Valentine’s Day”

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So most of us start to contemplate at the beginning of the year what our sewing projects and special resolutions might look like for the calendar year. Maybe you’d like to experiment and learn and new skill, craft or technique this year? Or perhaps this is the year where you’ll attempt that pattern/outfit/fabric that you’ve never quite had the bravery (or time!) to do so…?

If you’d like a tip to help focus your year’s creativity, you might like to adopt the #2017MakeNine challenge. This was a hashtag instigated by @rochelle_new on Instagram where handcrafters choose nine items to knit, sew, crochet, paint, bake…whatever…by the end of the calendar year. There’s no deadlines or pressure (other than the one at the end of the year obviously!), so you can pace yourself and pick projects up and put them down again as you wish! What’s fabulous is that we can share our progress with the online sewing/handcrafting community as we go! Be sure to use the #2017MakeNine hashtag when you do!

Although some of my new year’s resolutions were to experiment with some new crafts – especially embroidery and crochet – I’ve chosen to focus all of my #2017MakeNine projects on sewing. Here are my nine…in no particular order… Continue reading “#2017MakeNine”